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Farmer Al’s

Plant Sale Primer

So, your group wants to do a fund raiser! Why not sell an item that

will "sell itself" and return a profit to your organization? Why not

have a plant sale?


Farmer Al's has helped many schools and organizations have

successful fundraising plant sales. We offer: flowering annual bedding plants,

hanging baskets, patio pots, geraniums, and vegetable plants in the spring

(mid-April to mid-May), hardy field-grown mums in September.

No matter what season, we can

help your group profit from a plant sale fundraiser.


Why have Farmer Al's supply your plant sale?

Simply, we have been supplying quality plants to groups

such as yours for over 20 years. We have the experience to

deliver flats, baskets, and pots that are ready to sell.

Our pricing allows your group to buy at a wholesale price and

resell to make a profit.


What does your group have to do to have a plant sale?

A. Designate a plant sale committee. This committee will decide

on a date for the sale, the location for the sale, and what items will be


B. Volunteers will have to be obtained to help at this activity. We

recommend more help than less help for a plant sale.

C. Flyers will have to be distributed. On this hand-out you should

list your selection of plants, colors, and prices.

D. We strongly recommend that you presell. Collect all money

ahead of time so that on the delivery date your committee can focus

on getting the plants distributed to customers and not have to also

handle money.

E. If this is your first plant sale activity, we suggest you limit the

choices of color and kinds of plants sold. You do not need confusion

on the day of the sale. Make it easier to make money. After you have

had a sale experience, you can increase the sales list the following



Suggestions for planning a plant sale.

A. Flyers/order form are distributed to go home or passed out to

youth-group, scout meetings, church-group meetings, etc.

The order form should show the date of sale and the last day for

orders and payment to be submitted.

The orders are then tallied and the chairperson places the order

with Farmer Al's; a delivery date and time having been

previously set.

Upon delivery, the chairperson and volunteers using a copy of

each order will see that the orders are distributed.

This type of "presale" allows customers to get the plants that

they have ordered.




B. Flyers are sent out to group as above advertising the sale date.

The chairperson and committee volunteers decide on how much

material to order and the date/time of delivery is established

with Farmer Al's.

No pre-selling is done. On the day of the sale, customers

choose from what is available at prices set by the committee.




C. Some groups combine both methods and have a very successful sale.

D. Groups that are non-profit and provide us with the proper tax

number do not have to collect or pay sales tax.

E. Payment is made either upon delivery of your order, or your

organization's treasurer may send a check in the mail if agreed

upon prior to the sale date.

F. Our years of experience will help you have a profitable and

successful event. We look forward to working with your group!


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